Shipping is done through ups ground unless expedited service is indicated. We will attempt to ship your order using the carrier of choice. We reserve our right to use a different carrier to ensure the timely delivery of your order. We guarantee that your order will ship on time, using the method you request, provided that paperwork is returned on time. We are not responsible for delays caused by the shipping carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL).

Due to variations in photography light, the product color in this on-line catalog may not be exact. 

We accommodate, if necessary, sample purchasing to help you verify the quality and color. Samples are not returnable, they are billed at the first quantity price break and are shipped UPS ground at a cost of $6.88 for shipping and handling, unless you provide a shipping account number (UPS, FedEx, etc). The cost of the sample is refundable upon placement of your order. The freight is non-refundable.

Spec samples (or pre-production samples) are samples with your logo applied to the product. Spec samples are $50 per sample plus product costs and applicable plate/digitizing/setup charges. Additional options such as pantone matching, heat transfers and embroidery may involve additional costs. If your spec sample is approved with no changes, the plate/digitizing/setup charge is applied to your full order.

Your art ideally, needs to be in a vector format. If you are unable to send it in this format we will redraw and convert your art to vector. It is our goal to match the original art as close as possible. Since redrawing your art requires recreating it by hand, typos or other mistakes may occur. It is your responsibility to verify on the art proof that will be sent to you after redrawing, that the artwork is laid out properly, words are spelled correctly, and all other art details are verified. Please be aware that whatever you approve is what will be printed and we will not be held responsible if incorrect art is approved.

PMS match charge of $35 to mix custom ink colors.

We offer a variety of customization options to allow you the flexibility to select the method that best presents your custom message or logo.


The first color/location running charge is free. For additional colors or locations add $0.84 for each additional run. There is also a one time plate charge of $55 per color, per location.



Embroidery is an additional $3.30 per logo per bag, for logos up to 8,000 stitches. There is also a one time digitizing charge of $95 for logos up to 8,000 stitches. Although most logos fall within this stitch count, please send us a copy of your artwork so we can determine the exact stitch count and provide you with accurate prices.

heat transfer

For heat transfers there is a charge of $2.95 per bag, to make and apply the transfer. The setup fee on heat transfers is $175. Heat transfers provide full color and photographic imagery (4 color process). Due to the high amount of heat needed to apply these transfers to the bags, certain bag materials cannot accommodate a heat transfer. Heat transfers can only be applied to poly/canvas and cotton bags.

glitter print

For glitter print there is a charge of $3.36 per bag. The setup fee on glitter printing is $180. Glitter printing provides a glitter application of a logo in a variety of glitter color options. Certain bag materials cannot accommodate a glitter print. Glitter print can only be applied to poly/canvas and cotton bags.


For rhinestone customization there is a charge of $4.29 per bag. The setup fee for rhinestone customization is $95. Rhinestone customization offers a variety of colored semi-reflective round "stones" in several different sizes to create a unique look for a custom message. Certain bag materials cannot accommodate rhinestones. Rhinestones can only be applied to poly/canvas and cotton bags.

nail heads

For nail head customization there is a charge of $3.18 per bag. The setup fee for nail head customization is $95. Nail head customization offers a variety of colors in simple round semi-reflective shapes, similar to the head of a small nail. Certain bag materials cannot accommodate nail head customization. Nail heads can only be applied to poly/canvas and cotton bags.

When you ready to order or just inquire on our products call us or simply click on the Contact Us link on the top of the page.  When you get our form just fill it in with your information and submit it. We will respond at the same day to answer all your questions or assist you with your ordering.

Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee, freight charges and order cancellation fees. Return authorization required for all returns. Returns are ONLY available for blank product, on stock items (not available on printed or custom made products). Returns must be started within 10 days from receipt of your order.

Factory presumes that clients are authorized to use trademarked logos sent for production. We assume no liability in trademark or copyright disputes. The logos, insignias, designs, trademarks, and registered symbols which are displayed in the catalog are reproduced only to show examples of our decorating capabilities. They are not presented for resale with these specific logos on them. They are not to be construed as product or brand name endorsements by or for the trademark owners. Miscellaneous items pictured with the product are not included unless expressly stated.